East to West and In Between

Current Clients

California Digital Library: Toward a National Archival Finding Aid Network

Many archival description aggregators across the country struggle to find sufficient resources to update their platforms and to engage with some of the most promising advances in the field. This planning initiative aims to tackle these challenges by exploring the creation of a national archival finding aid network that could fundamentally transform the archival description landscape while continuing to serve the needs of aggregators and archival repositories. By pooling resources and establishing co-development partnerships, we believe we can address our individual challenges collectively, thereby extending the capabilities, breadth, and depth of existing aggregations and providing users with more meaningful and richer access to archival records than any one of us can alone.



West Virginia University: America Contacts Congress

The America Contacts Congress project, made possible by a LYRASIS Catalyst Fund grant, is assessing an open-source tool (currently in beta version) developed at West Virginia University Libraries for managing congressional constituent data, engage the library community and potential users in defining technical requirements for processing and accessing data, and create a road map for developing a cooperative infrastructure.